DIY 3D Wooden Treasure Box
DIY 3D Wooden Treasure Box
DIY 3D Wooden Treasure Box
DIY 3D Wooden Treasure Box

DIY 3D Wooden Treasure Box

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The whole set is extremely well designed, with very tight tolerances and good machining. 

The interlocking mechanisms are pretty ingenious. 

Assembling without glue and chemicals. 

Details are already cut and ready to assemble. 

The wood is beautiful and smooth. 
With Laser Cutting Technology, the pieces are easy to remove from the sheet of plywood, 

the laser cutting is precise and clean (no residue smoke burns).  
The pieces go together smoothly with no glue and with step-by-step visual instructions.

so, unplug the games console and give it a try.

  • Assembled Size: 175*90*140 mm
  • Packaging Size: 240*330*40 mm
  • Wood Pieces: 26 pcs
  • Series: Mechanical gears
  • Weight: 600g
  • Estimated assembly time: 2 hours. 
  • Age Range: > 8 years old
  • Warning: Small Parts Not for Children under 3 years old
  • In theory this product could show the the calendar of all months perpetually, but the dial plate can only be laser engraved from 2018 to 2040. Pls note.

How to Play:

  1. Rotate the year gear to select a year
  2. Keep the year gear fixed, and rotate the month gear to select a month
  3. Then the Calendar plate will show the Calendar of the month you choose.